Hydro Excavation Offers the Ultimate Efficiency for Less

You’re probably wondering what exactly a hydrovac truck is, and you’re not alone. This exciting solution is gaining traction in several industries for many great reasons. While backhoes and other traditional digging equipment can cause damage to properties, water excavation is a safe, efficient, and altogether affordable method. Hydrovac trucks can be utilized to disturb, displace, or remove soil in order to perform a variety of activities, such as:

  • Exposing utilities
  • Removing debris
  • Soil trenching
  • Excavating pile holes
  • Cold weather digging


So, how exactly does hydro excavation work? The hydrovac truck utilizes both a powerful vacuum and highly pressurized water to dislodge soil in the designated area, eliminating the need for manual labor and primitive tools like shovels. The process can be completed with a handheld component that can also assist in breaking down the soil. This allows our team to offer the utmost precision when providing vacuum excavation services each time.

If you want a quick and cost-efficient way to remove dirt to expose debris or install a new structure, consider starting with hydro excavation services at Waste Away Systems. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about this newly famous and budget-friendly excavation method.

Exploring the Essential Hydrovac Capabilities

Our top-of-the-line hydrovac truck can tackle a wide variety of excavation needs. Whether you want to dig out soil trenches to install pipelines or you need to expose utilities prior to a separate construction project, the vacuum excavation process is virtually fool-proof.

Expose Utilities

Bulky backhoes and other traditional excavation tools can often cause extensive damage to electrical wires and other underground utilities during the digging process. Hydro excavation is a safe and efficient way to expose utilities without creating any additional hazards.

Remove Debris

Removing bothersome debris has never been more straightforward with assistance from Waste Away Systems’ hydrovac truck. The highly pressurized water used in the hydro excavation process can easily dislodge debris, while forceful vacuum suction removes it once the materials are freed from their location. Since our specialists can utilize handheld tools, we have much more flexibility when maneuvering debris out of the area.

Dig Soil Trenches

Soil trenching is a slow, monotonous, and most importantly, a dangerous type of work. We take the hazards out of soil trenching with our top-of-the-line hydrovac truck. Water excavation solutions make digging trenches easy and efficient while eliminating the need for workers to enter enclosed areas where there’s a risk for injuries.

Excavate Pile Holes

Hydro excavation gives our expert team additional precision that past excavation methods did not allow. For this reason, we can quickly dig holes of any depth and diameter for installing piling, poles, posts, and more without any problem. The hydrovac truck provides perfectly excavated pile holes every time.

Continue Cold Weather Work

In the past, digging during the colder months was practically impossible. Advancements in excavation methods make cold-weather construction a complete breeze without breaking your back, tools, or the bank. This affordable method even works when digging or doing work in the coldest areas of the Midwest.