Welcome to Affordable Portables

At Affodable Portables we provide commercial and residential locations with industry-leading portable restrooms and sanitizer stations to help convenient waste disposal be more affordable and accessible. Each of our portable toilets is thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned, sanitized, and restocked before arriving at your door. Our team utilizes environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning supplies that offer a pleasant, fragrant smell. Whether you need one portable restroom for a small family gathering or multiple for a large outdoor event, Affordable Portables is only a phone call away.

Seth Ellington

Seth Ellington serves as the President and CEO of Affordable Portables. Seth graduated from Newark High School and then went on to attend Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he graduated with honors. After graduating, Seth went on to work for a local garbage company where he trained under the direct supervision of several tenured professionals in the waste industry. After a merger took place in 2011, Seth decided to restart his grandfather’s business by bringing Waste Away Systems back to life. With Waste Away Systems, Seth maintained calculated growth year over year before selling the operation in 2022. Affordable Portables adheres to the same belief that has been with Seth since the beginning: the success of the company will continue to be solely based on the customer service that is given to every client, large and small.

Drew Knoesel

Drew Knoesel serves as the CFO & General Counsel of Affordable Portables and AP-X. Drew graduated from Newark High School and then went on to attend Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he graduated with honors.  After graduation in 2007, Drew worked for a medium-sized bank for 13 years.  At the bank, Drew spent time as a trust officer, commercial lender, and aviation lender.  He also spent time working on mergers and acquisitions, loan pricing/structuring, and other operational functions of the bank.  Drew graduated from Capital University Law School with honors and passed the bar exam while working at the bank in 2013.  Drew and Seth purchased Affordable Portables in 2014 and have worked to grow the business by taking care of the fantastic team members, customers, and the community.

Josh Colley

Josh Colley serves as the Operations Manager of Affordable Portables. Josh graduated from Lakewood High School in 2005 and joined the Affordable Portables team in August of 2017. With over ten years of experience in the field, Josh now oversees the daily operations for his team members, a fleet of restroom trailers, and hundreds of standard restroom units.

Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell is a sales consultant for Affordable Portables and AP-X. Rick served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War and is a holder of an associate and bachelor of Science Degree, Rick has invested the past 38 years in the non-hazardous solid and liquid waste industry all within central Ohio market. Among his many duties and responsibilities, Rick specializes in making site visits to ensure that the company’s services are effectively met for each client. Rick takes customer service to the highest level by ensuring everyone is treated as our only customer.

Melissa Cawthorn

Melissa Cawthorn serves as the Customer Relations Manager of Waste Away Systems. Melissa joined the team in March of 2020 and has extensive experience in customer relations. Melissa is directly involved with maintaining the company’s professional, high level of service our clients have come to expect.

Cheyenne Jamison

Cheyenne Jamison serves in an office management role at Affordable Portables. Cheyenne graduated from Tri-Valley High School and went on to attend The Ohio State University where she graduated with a degree in Biology. During her time in college, she also worked full time increasing her knowledge and experience as a customer service specialist, salesperson, and marketing and merchandising lead. Cheyenne joined the Affordable Portable’s team in April of 2020 and continues to exude diligence and attention to detail in any task at hand.